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When it comes to remote support services we are here to help

Do you remember dragging off your PC to the local computer shop concerned that you may not be able to reconnect all the cables when you get home? We certainly do.

Fortunately, this old ritual is no longer needed. Thanks to the Internet!

Our Remote IT Support Service comes to your rescue, we have the expertise and experience to tackle any computer-related issue you might have without having a technician pay you a visit.


Getting Immediate support for your Pc, Tablet, or Phone is as easy as hitting the Green Button

Some of the things that can be fixed remotely:


  • Setting up your email correctly

  • Update Windows to the latest version

  • Fix and repair PC drivers

  • Remove unwanted programs and trial ware

  • Speed up a SLOW computer

  • Configure software

  • Find missing files and documents

  • Setup your printer (but we may need your help getting access to the printer)

  • Remove viruses and spyware or get antivirus security installed.

  • Migrate your email to Office 365.

Phones, Tablets and Devices

  • Setup email and other online accounts

  • Diagnose faulty applications

  • Install specific programs and features

  • Reconfigure your device which isn’t working as expected

Relocating employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Help by providing remote IT support for employees and their staff.

  • Transition businesses who need to move to Office 365 or other cloud-based offerings.

Step 1



Contact us by phone  or alternatively, fill out the contact form


Tel. 02 66529300

Contact Support

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2



We direct you to the remote access software which you install and let us know the code

Click here for more info

step 3

We Fix It


We connect to your device and get the problem fixed while you watch us.



All Done


We take payment over the phone or secure Credit Card or paypal payment and generate your receipt!

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